What is In-Play Betting? – Live Betting Explained

Oct 15

What is In-Play Betting? – Live Betting Explained

Sports betting has been around ever since people decided to bet whether one person or another would win a competition. That probably took place so long ago that nobody can actually pinpoint the right time. Sports betting today goes hand in hand with so many sports. Imagining football or horse racing without sports betting would be almost impossible. Some sports, like keirin bicycle racing, were created thanks to sports betting.

The internet allows bettors to find creative ways to bet more while paying less. Bonus codes and promotional codes help with this, like this Royal Ascot bonus code, which every horse racing fan should enjoy if they also like sports betting.

Modern technology also allows us to do something a bit different, called in-play betting. What is in-play betting? It is live betting and here is how it works.

Live Betting – How it Works

Due to technology being able to update us on the go, meaning every second, we can follow sports and see results instantly. What this means is that everyone gets access to changing statistics. This also allows us to bet live. Live betting works best with sports which last for a long time, like football or golf. Some tournaments can take a while. Cycling Grand Tours are also a good example. Live betting is different to normal betting, in the sense that the odds change with every second or minute, depending on the sport. If in football, for example, a heavy underdog scores two goals in the first fifteen minutes, the odds will change to reflect that, making the underdog possibly even a favorite to win that match.

Should You Bet Live? – Live Betting Versus Normal Betting

Live betting is for those who like to live on the edge. The odds might be or might not be in your favor, depending on how a match develops. Heavy favorites being in the lead just makes the odds better for them, and worse for the opposing team. Betting on the opposing team would be careless in that moment. You might not know that prior to the match, so you might end up losing money if you bet before the match starts.

On the other hand, you can also lose money if you bet on the underdog who scored a lucky point, only infuriating the team which is better according to the pre-match odds. Live betting takes skill and experience and is not for those who are overly emotional and prone to making decisions with their feelings, rather than by weighing all their options and odds.

Live Betting is Fun – Be Careful, Though…

Live betting can be extremely entertaining, especially if you are at a bookmaker’s, ready to enjoy the match with fellow bettors. That entertainment comes with a price, literally. You might end up with less money if you want to keep feeling that excitement which live betting brings. 

These are some of the things you need to know about live betting. If you do plan on betting, do so responsibly.