These Casinos Are the Most Popular in the UK

Mar 31

Casinos are aplenty in the world and almost every country has a casino, if not for their own population, then for the tourists, who are willing to spend their money on gambling. There are iconic casinos all over the world, at least 10 of them on every continent.

Today, most casinos can also be found online and in some countries, you can legally use these international casinos. Some countries require you to use casinos which have a local licence. The UK has detailed gambling regulations, allowing online casinos to operate with a licence. Not all casinos are the same, online ones included, which is why it is important to find The Best UK Online Casino.

Land casinos are another thing entirely and if you plan on visiting the UK and doing a bit of gambling, here are some of the UK’s best casinos. 

Aspers Stratford

London has got a lot more attention after the 2012 Olympic Games, though some parts of London got more attention than others, as it should be. Stratford was one of those places and luckily so.

The Aspers Casino is actually located within a huge entertainment and shopping complex called Westfield. There are plenty of things to do here, from having fun to doing lots of shopping, to gambling, of course. The casino is as good as you expect it to be, while offering other activities, on top of everything else.

Les Croupiers Casino

Going to Cardiff to experience a bit of Welsh history and culture is a treat for anyone who plans on visiting the UK. That being said, visiting one of Wales’ most iconic casinos is also a possibility. The Les Croupiers casino is located in Wales and offers locals and tourists a true casino experience. Being in the UK, there is an entire section dedicated to sports betting, of course. It also has a fairly accurate Chinese restaurant called the Dragon Court, for anyone interested in traditional cuisine.

Genting Casino Fountain Park

Going to Scotland now, we have to visit Edinburgh, the capital city. It is a huge city with enough things to do for any type of tourist. Those interested in casino tourism will be happy to know that the Genting Casino is there for any and all gambling needs. It also has a five star restaurant, called Fahrenheit, making it a great place to dine, if gambing is not on the menu for that night. 

Rainbow Casino

Rainbow Casino is in Birmingham and is one of those casinos that you would love to visit if you are in the mood for an atmosphere more suited to the younger audiences. If the atmosphere is not right, then have no worries, Birmingham has more casinos, some a lot more traditional in their design.

This one also has a great restaurant, called the Clarendon. Make sure to give it a visit if you’re up for having some fun and fine dining.

Hippodrome Casino

Back to London and we find the Hippodrome Casino, one of London’s most fun casinos. It has live entertainment and full three stories of gambling, from tables to slot machines. It is located in Leicester Square, so you won’t be missing out on anything if you go for a walk.

The UK is known for gambling and sports betting and these are some of the UK’s most prestigious casinos.