What Are Online Casino Bonuses and How Do They Work?

Feb 19

What Are Online Casino Bonuses and How Do They Work?

There is a number of factors that have influenced the development of online casinos over the years. The legalization of online gambling and accessibility are just some of the reasons that contribute to their success. As gambling has become ever so popular, the number of online casinos has incrementally increased. In time, in order to differentiate from the rest, many online casinos have started offering various welcome and sign-up bonuses to attract new players.

What Are Welcome Bonuses?

We can take a closer look at the welcome offer at Casimba casino, for example, to see what casinos usually offer with their welcome bonuses. It will also help you understand who is eligible for which type of bonus and how to take full advantage of it.

At the moment of writing, their bonus code states that they will match your first deposit by 200% up to a limit of £500. To put it simply, it means that once you register at their casino, your first deposit will be doubled, and then added to your account. In this case, if you deposit £100, the casino will add £200 to your account, making your total balance £300. Not only that, but you will also receive 50 bonus spins and 500 loyalty points.

Bonus Spins

The most popular games in online casinos are video slots where you get to spin the reels in hope of landing winning combinations. Every spin costs money, and your bet depends on your total stake. When you sign up and make your first deposit, Casimba casino will offer you 50 free spins, which means you can simply win money without risking anything.

Loyalty Points

Even though they are called differently depending on the casino, virtually every casino has VIP systems in place. Those VIP systems award loyal players that have played in their casinos for an extended period of time or let’s say, for their birthdays. Some casinos simply offer you a chance to buy your way into VIP membership and offer additional perks depending on the level of your VIP rank.

No Deposit Bonus

When it comes to Casimba, however, in order to become eligible for a bonus, you must make a deposit into your account at their online casino. While it is still a great bonus, the no deposit bonuses are even better. Players become eligible for bonuses of this type by simply registering or entering a promotional bonus code; they will not be asked to make a deposit before they can claim the bonus.

Different Requirements

Regardless of the bonus, all of them can come with different requirements that may vary depending on a casino or the bonus itself. However, most casinos share a few things in common regarding their promotions. Welcome bonuses can be claimed once per user or household, i.e. IP address, and to claim a bonus, you must be older than 18. Finally, one requirement that almost all casinos share is that you must play through a certain number of hands or spins before you can start withdrawing funds to your bank account.