The Most Bizarre Things You Can Bet On

Apr 19

The Most Bizarre Things You Can Bet On

In the 21st century, betting has become somewhat a regular thing. But over the past couple of decades, new and exciting things people can bet on have been introduced. There are many unusual things that we can bet on; some are entertaining, others are borderline crazy when you think of them, and some are just bizarre. So here’s a list of some of them you might want to know. Stay tuned to find out some bizarre things that you can place bets on.

World Wrestling Entertainment

World Wrestling Entertainment, or as most people call it shortly just WWE, is an entertainment company from the US that is mainly known for professional wrestling. You can bet on these matches online at sportsbooks that offer great Betting Bonus Codes. The funny thing about betting on WWE matches is that the end result is known before the match ever starts, and the matches are designed purely for entertainment. Thus, betting on the outcome is entirely ludicrous, but there are still fans who love to place such wagers. 

Betting On the End of the World

Yes, you read that right. You can place bets on the end of the world. Back in 2018, some bookmakers offered the odds on the world ending by the end of that year to 500 to 1. This meant that if you placed, let’s say, a $200 bet and Earth ceased to exist before the start of 2019, you would win $100.000. But if you think about it just a little bit, there’s no explanation for how you can withdraw your wins when there won’t be the planet we live on. 


As silly as it sounds, wife-carrying is an official contest that originates from Sonkajärvi in Finland that you can bet on. In this contest, male competitors have to carry a female teammate that doesn’t necessarily need to be his wife through an obstacle course that is 253.5 meters long. The winner in this contest is the duo that finishes the obstacle course in the shortest time. The competition allows for different types of carrying styles during the run, such as a classic piggyback, Estonian-style, etc.

Cheese Rolling

Cheese Rolling is an annual event that originates from England and is one more crazy thing you can bet on. The contest requires the contenders to chase a double Gloucester cheese that is rolling down a 200-yard hill. The winner is the first person that crosses the finish line at the end of the 200-yard hill and, as a reward, gets the double Gloucester cheese. Initially, Cheese Rolling was organized for people from Brockworth, who were the organizers and participants for the event. However, nowadays, people worldwide come to be a part of this hilarious event. Cheese Rolling is an annual event and has a large crowd and fan base behind it – so it goes without saying that there will be some betting included in this event too.

BrianP, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons – cropped