Sports Betting for Beginners – Understanding Sports Betting

Apr 26

Sports Betting for Beginners – Understanding Sports Betting

Gambling is one of the few things people try, some of whom get addicted to it. It can be a dangerous hobby, not to mention passion, but people still like doing it. It is a thrill, betting your money on something that is not dependent on any sort of skill or something measurable unless you are doing sports betting.

Sports betting takes skill and talent, but as a bettor, you still rely on others and their performance on the day, which is gambling, but a different kind. Online sportsbooks have noticed that people really like sports and betting, so they have been in the game for a while, with promo codes and bonuses, like this Unibet Bonus Code.

Experienced punters often make use of those, checking the odds at multiple bookies. For the uninitiated, sports betting can be quite a trap, one some often easily fall into.

To avoid that, here is how to approach sports betting as a beginner, with some tips and common terms.

Understanding the Terms – Odds and Bet Types

The first thing that sports bettors care about is the odds. They are displayed in fractional or decimal or moneyline.

Moneyline odds stand for how much you would have to bet in order to win 100$ if you bet on the favorite. If you bet on the underdog, then you would win that much money by betting 100$. 

They are popular in the United States, where moneyline bets are also popular. They are displayed as either a – or + symbol and then numbers, often hundreds, because of the type of odd.

Fractional odds are primarily used in the UK, and they are displayed as 1/5 or 5/1, depending on who the favorite is. The favorite, in this case, would be the 1/5, and the bettor would only get a fifth of what they bet if their team or player was to win, while they would get five times their bet if they were to bet on the underdog.

Decimal odds are simple and they are displayed as 2.0 or 5.0 or 1.0, depending on who the favorite is, and the favorite has the lower number, meaning you would get less money if you were to bet on them. You simply multiply the odds with the amount you bet and you get your supposed prize.

Approaching Sports Betting – With a Clear Head

Sports betting is not different from any other type of rational research work except that you rely on others to get the results for you. Every good punter does research on the teams or athletes they want to bet on. With all of their statistics and tendencies in mind, they can make a relatively safe bet.

Yet, upsets happen and even in the toughest moments, both single athletes and teams have made miracles and won games that were lost from the get-go. Still, it is a good practice to never bet with your emotions, but rather your mind, clear and full of knowledge on the teams to bet on.

Closing Words – Warnings and Notes

Betting can be dangerous and there are too many people addicted to gambling, so approach it with care and research.

But, if one wants to bet, choose a sport, know the odds and do research on the teams and athletes, and only then, make a bet, but never go beyond your bankroll (planned budget for sports betting). Good luck!