History of Online Gambling and the Birth of Internet Casinos

Apr 23

History of Online Gambling and the Birth of Internet Casinos

Given that the internet has been around for more than 20 years, people have already started taking it for granted. It is only when people find themselves without the internet, that they start looking at things from a different perspective. There was a time without the internet, which made life less entertaining for a lot of people. There were also fewer opportunities for people to actually learn something new, or try something new.

Today, much to our luck, almost everything can be done online. From streaming, playing video games, watching shows or listening to music, the internet has a place for everything, including online gambling.

Gambling, when first introduced online, which was around 1994, didn’t have a lot of success, but frankly, not many sites did. It is only fitting to start the story of online gambling when it actually took off, in the mid 2000s.

The Mid 2000s – When The Internet Blew Up

With how everything blew up in the mid 2000s, except streaming, gambling was no exception. Some of the oldest betting and gambling sites were created in the mid 90s, but to limited or no success. The internet in the 90s was reserved for governments, universities or the extremely rich. Few people had access to the internet at that time.

In the mid 2000s, the world of online gambling found its success. People started using the internet for shopping, from sites like Amazon and eBay, so they found it natural to start using promo codes like this Highroller Casino promo code, for online gambling. Bookmakers and online casinos found their footing during these times and some of them are active to this day. Even though the mid 2000s were great for sports betting and gambling, in general, the 2010s were even better.

Modern Day Online Gambling

The rough beginnings of online streaming, gaming and even gambling, are what some people remember fondly, especially when they start feeling lousy after losing an online match or a bet, even. But, we all take pleasure in having fast internet connections and what those bring, meaning streaming and for some people, online gambling.

The 2010s made online gambling even more popular, to the point where people have their matches spoiled because video game developers and publishers sold their API to online bookmakers (they get to see the results before the game actually ends due to on-stream delay and the lack of for bookmakers).

But, while some people might have their expectations ruined prematurely, others cheris in the fact that they can bet from mobile phones, at any point in time, or play slot machine games, of which there are many. There are multiple online casinos and bookmakers and given that sports betting has become legal even in the United States, online gambling is expanding and has a new market. 

The Future of Gambling

Many people wonder what is the future of gambling? Are we going to keep gambling on our smartphones and whether brick and mortar casinos will run out of business? The answer is most likely that we will have a mix of both land-based casinos and those which run on machines. What the future of online gambling holds for us might be tied to virtual reality, augmented reality and the heavy use of video games.

Online gambling, like all things online, started its journey in the 90s, found its footing in the 2000s and became widespread in the 2010s. What the future holds, is probably more gambling, in various shapes and forms, whatever the technology of the time might enable.