Biggest Bingo Wins of All Time

Apr 14

Biggest Bingo Wins of All Time

Bingo has long been a very popular game among people from all over the world and many online casinos now offer their own versions of bingo. The rules of bingo are very simple once you learn them and this is a kind of game that can be played for endless hours without getting bored. Here are the main rules of bingo for players who are new to the game.

Common Rules

Players are given special cards that feature a grid of five rows of vertical squares and five diagonal rows, each of which features a different number. A bingo callClassic_BINGO_game_(6679739315)_(2)er is given a batch of bingo balls with numbers on them, then selects one ball at a time and calls out the number of the ball. When players hear a number that corresponds to a number of their card, they place a marker over the number. The main objective of the game is to be the first player to get a line of five covered numbers on their card. When this happens, the player calls out bingo and
wins a prize.

75 Ball

This version of bingo is particularly popular in North America and, on the bingo cards that are handed out, a single letter is written at the top of each vertical row which spells out BINGO. As the name suggests, 75 ball uses 75 bingo balls, which means that there are lots of chances to win. In addition to trying to get a row of five, at the start of each game, the bingo caller may announce a winning pattern such as the letter C, T or a diagonal line.

90 Ball

In this traditional version of bingo, the bingo card features nine different columns and three rows of numbers. Players are given a book of ten bingo cards that they can play simultaneously, if they wish to try to increase their chances of winning.