A Leprechaun Story: What is Hiding Behind Irish Pot Of Gold Myth?

Mar 08

A Leprechaun Story: What is Hiding Behind Irish Pot Of Gold Myth?

When speaking about rainbows most of us usually connect them to something outwardly and magical. Humans using their imagination throughout history has led to the creation of various myths and stories. And even if these are only fairytales and stories for children, there are some that still remain present in the form of a legend and some are even present in everyday speech in a form of adages and phrases. 

Such is the myth of the Irish pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Although we know very well that these stories are only fruit of imagination, and that you are more likely to get the pot of gold via bet bonus code Ireland, many people still use this saying. However, even if we are aware that there is little truth to these magical stories, we cannot help but wonder where do they come from. So, where does the Irish myth of pot of gold comes from?

Fairies and Leprechauns

The origin of this phrase goes way back to old Europe and their belief in the existence of fairies. In fact, some of these myths and stories claimed how fairies are powerful and wealthy beings, with tons of treasure. Moreover, fairies supposedly hid their treasure in pots buried at the end of the rainbows. You can guess who guarded these pots of golds. That’s right – leprechauns. 

Leprechauns are an essential part of the whole myth, and some even consider them relevant to the story that fairies. There is a slightly different story including leprechauns, too. It also includes Vikings and all the gold and treasure they looted. In this version of the myth, the gold that they gathered was eventually found by leprechauns. Eventually, leprechauns supposedly hid the treasure from the humans and buried it at the end of the rainbow. 

Breaking the Myth

We all know that myths are often just some invented stories without any evidence-based background story behind them. However, they are still fun, they are still told, and some of them even play a great cultural role. But, even though they might sound magical, if there are little to no facts in the origin of the myth, it is probably nothing else but a story.

So, to bust this myth wide open, here’s what is completely illogical about it. First of all, we all know that leprechauns and fairies are not real, and even if they were, where did they hid the treasure? At the end of the rainbow? Unfortunately for this myth, rainbows are actually spherical and what our eyes see is not quite how they look. This multicolored arc in the sky actually doesn’t have an end.  

Instructive Fable

Another explanation to all of it is, of course, more logical and metaphorical. Some say that the myth originated as a cautionary tale or instructive fable teaching people that they might be chasing after something that doesn’t exist. In this case, the pot of gold is the unattainable goal and it is hidden in the unexisting place – at the end of the rainbow. 

Even after all the myth versions, origin stories, logical and illogical explanations –  this myth is still present. And it has been present for many many years. So, once the legend found its way into folklore, people simply decided that it was going to stay there. And, who knows, maybe even forever.